The scenario is the mobility, continuous rapid evolution, thanks to the convergence of broadcasting devices, higher performance, reliability of technologies. The "remote data" exchange technology is creating new business opportunities and interaction in all fields, from technical assistance to sales force automation.


Warehouse management

Own problems with the distribution of goods have increased dramatically in recent times, due to the increase in the competitiveness of companies and the need to act in real time, combined with optimization of cost management: there are so many elements involved , From logistics to sales to the Administration, which pass through the PDE. The intelligent response to this type of problem is the use of handheld computers: it becomes possible to organize the activities of the warehouse from the entry of the merchandise, then the necessary control over it; To verify the physical existence of the products, inventory quickly and precisely what is really present, highlighting deviations; To prepare the material in the shipment, immediately verify the correspondence with what is expected, the inconsistencies or errors in the picking of signaling; To shed the acquired data with the central information system, providing extremely fast information base that needed time.


It allows to have at all times the situation, updated in real time, the articles of one or more stores. The application can handle several thousand items, while keeping the stock situation in memory for long periods. You have the option to check the return merchandise of customers and suppliers. You can also print real-time situations on any printer. It is expected to interact with optical bar code readers.


The package includes a cargo management and around the vehicle, in fact, establishing the program ensures, in addition to the guarantee of taking delivery of the material, even placing the cargo in a vehicle according to the return deliveries to be made, And verifies, through bar codes, that deliveries are carried out properly.



Through the interface with probes of various types (humidity, pressure, etc.), numerous applications have been carried out for the detection of data concerning the quality of the environment. This has been used both in health (pollution monitoring), and in the conservation of artistic heritage.


This procedure was carried out for the detection of employee attendance, through a magnetic or optical card, within institutions, museums, etc. with independent and autonomous intelligent systems, instead of fixed stations, are necessarily connected to a Central computer. It is possible to connect the online detection of any terminal with a central computer system for the download of the detection data.


Increased competition in the municipal supervisory function, in accordance with the regulations governing the ministries and provisions contained in the formal step in the Mayor's order, the Municipal Police suggests the adoption of innovative tools and management systems Actions of its agents. There are no more blocks, street maps and standards to consult users, and happy with a much better service. A laptop today allows agents to detect and / or challenge the data of each vehicle, acquisition of a photograph, elevation of verbal infringement, reserving to offices problems following the elevation Of a verbal: compilation modules, sending, accounting and management of postal current account, etc.

Property inventory

One of the typical problems of public institutions, etc. society is one of the periodic inventories of the assets held. A valid solution has been developed through terminals that accelerate considerably and allow an on-line control of the correct operation.

Loan management books

In university libraries, the main source of problems is the identification of the user, along with that of the texts. Through a terminal, equipped with a magnetic card reader and bar codes, it is met positively all requirements of this type. The same application can also be adapted to collateral sectors such as dining rooms, and services in general.

Loan management books

In university libraries, the main source of problems is the identification of the user, along with that of the texts. Through a terminal, equipped with a magnetic card reader and bar codes, it is met positively all requirements of this type. The same application can also be adapted to collateral sectors such as dining rooms, and services in general.

Fines of parking and trips in mission VALUES

In the sale of tickets and to verify the operations on board the means (buses, ferries, etc.) and in the parking lots a viable solution has been developed with portable terminals, able to issue tickets, and check the subscriptions, also through the Reading various types of cards (magnetic etc.).



The marketing of a product is a moment of great importance in the production process of each company; Customers with little time available, many visits to make, mistakes or misunderstandings there are still only some of the factors that can hamper this stage. The solution allows you to consult your list and client products, organized the best way your visits, which minimizes the loss of time and resources and acquiring the customer order cycle will have access to the financial statements and products normally withdrawn by each customer And those that are available, as well as special offers or promotional campaigns. The scan data is sent to the central information system, thus providing in the information bases extremely quickly to the necessary and eliminating errors and data reintegration times.

Management estimates

The application is used for the commercial strength of a company and consists mainly of detecting the order and transmitting it in its place; In this activity, the seller has the ability to have all the news related to the client, from an accounting point of view, as well as the availability of the material. Possibility of connection of printing and a modem.


The need for companies that deal with the detection of the opinions of large areas, or in general on mobile, is to accelerate and check the sequence accuracy and adequacy of questions and answers online; By SERI, it is simply possible to organize the questionnaires and the possible responses of the bar codes. Surveys were conducted several thousand interviews, and then sent via modem to the central office for processing statistics.

Sales attempt

The procedure manages the entire process of loading and moving / mobile store download, with bubble issuance / invoice and record of the movements. The solution, with dot-matrix printer, is easily transportable, due to its small size and extremely low weight. The management software allows the storage and movement of the data transmission to / from the personal or mini computer.


Until recently, measurements of merchandising in stores and shopping centers were carried out by hand, with obvious data transcription problems and slow processing of information. The system of the invention greatly simplifies this type of operation, relying on a handheld computer with specific software for the correct recording of the data; Also, you can send by modem all the information collected during the period of the survey.


For all companies operating in the technical assistance, it is now finally possible to catalog and record repair maintenance operations and / or with a portable system. In fact, the application provides a quick introduction of the operations, and the download of the same in the computer systems, with the possibility to also consult the files through the telephone network.


The restaurant solution uses robust and reliable radio frequency terminals and software for complete operations for personal computers.


Reading of water and gas meters ELECTRICITY

Today, even companies that provide services or energy are aimed at increasing their efficiency and competitiveness by reducing operating costs and improving the service offered to their utility. This allows companies to optimize their investments, with a simultaneous increase in profitability and a better relationship with users, as well as to benefit also in the meter reader everyday life. You can also purchase the photograph of the subway.

DISTRIBUTION liquid gas / oil tank

This application is very similar to an attempt to sell, with its own specifications of liquid gas and / or gas, for civil and / or industrial use, cylinders and / or tank. The functionality is very simple: after supplying the fuel, it is passed to the meter reading and in relation to the billing of the service based on the files that are in the terminal along with the tariff. All these steps are carried out with a portable terminal and a portable printer.



This application has been developed to verify the working times and methods, through a recording of the sequences and times of portable systems. Data are transmitted through systems or a personal computer for statistical purposes.


The application concerns verification of quality in motor vehicles: each tester at the time of the car in the road test, inserted through a bar code reader data all relevant information, with any possible drawbacks encountered And their demerit attributed; In this way the quality of the production of cars can be increased.

PLC Programming

The system is suitable for all companies that need to reprogram the PLC and similar devices. It allows to maintain in the memory the different stages of the programs of processing or work. The solution is suitable for any type of PLC with RS-232 communication.

Process follow-up

Of systems in several cases have been used for the control of industrial processes, to replace or supplement an existing computer system. In fact you can have a situation of system functions and print to the same alerts Time management and / or in real time. The advantage of having a system is that of its flexibility of use, in fact, it is easily transportable without the clutter, and does not require a continuous supply of the mains current.


All major brands of surveying instruments use our products to store the recorded data, so they can be inserted into your personal computer without ridigitazioni.



Several institutes and associations have made software applications installed in portable terminals for the cataloging of farms in general. This system allows the cataloging fast real reproduction time with the possibility of verifying the health status and the adequate growth of the animals, in addition to the parameters for milk production. The identification is based on a bar code or a label.

Milk collection

The collection of milk from cattle and sheep has a series of procedures whose processing times, through the portable terminals, can be reduced considerably.


MEDICAL records management

The procedure is indicated for the management of hospital records: the detection of clinical data of patients using a portable terminal, the measured data are transferred to the central computer systems for patient management; As a result, the terminal is returned to the patient's therapy, according to the doctor's diagnosis. You can use the barcodes to identify the folder and the patient.


One of the most significant aspects of the relationship between patients and hospital institution is the administration of meals, which is often one of the hottest reasons for complaints from the latter. Groups of notes specialized in catering and catering have set themselves the objective of creating a reliable system that would allow to obtain the adequate data, obtain all the information to be able to give to the exact and timely delivery, to the satisfaction of the users, both the Clinical structure; The solution was created by equipping the staff with computers with integrated stylus and special management software that guides the operators in their businesses.